What is the value-added of your company?

It is imperative to realise that the whole process is not just about finding real estate – that is just the beginning. Before the search commences, we carry out an analysis with the client, making it even easier to find the selected property. Our company offers a comprehensive concept of buying real estate. We manage the entire process – from search, legal support, technical assistance, through financing to possible refurbishment or construction.

What makes you different from an estate agency?

An estate agency only and always represents the seller and its goal is to sell the property for the highest possible price. Our company only and always represents the interests of the buyer, making us the counterpart to estate agencies, which are often in an advantage over the buyers.

How will you save my time?

Simply because you can leave the whole process to us. From search through financing to refurbishment. We will keep you informed about everything – you will be able to just sit back, choose the best options, and keep the whole situation under control.

Do you search for real estate across the whole Czech Republic?

At the moment, we only provide our services in the area of the capital city of Prague and Central Bohemia. In the near future, we would like to expand our capacities to help you with the purchase of real estate in remaining regions of the Czech Republic.

Why do you only search for 25 properties?

It’s very straightforward, this is exactly why we carry out detailed analysis of your needs. Our goal isn’t to flood you with masses of propositions that won’t fulfill your needs and desires. We are certain that 25 proposals are more than enough to choose your dream property.

May I employ an architect or refurbishment company on my own?

Of course you may. Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep an eye on the refurbishment, gather up-to-date information about the process and relay it to you.

May I employ a mortgage specialist on my own?

Yes, it is possible for you to have your own mortgage specialist, nevertheless, we prefer that no other party enters the process so that we can make sure that everything runs as smoothly as it is supposed to – without any mistakes, and with high value-added.

What type of contract will I be signing with your company?

It is a standard contract of representation in predefined areas – those will be defined by you beforehand.

What does the term „security while buying real estate“ entail?

It entails us managing the whole process from the beginning, protecting the client from disadvantageous contracts, inadequate timing and also from properties, that are in poor technical condition.

How do you guarantee that you can find the requested property for me?

Thanks to our detailed initial analysis, we can make sure that the requested properties are available to be presented, and therefore bought for the customer. If we are not certain, we are always prepared to tell you the reality of the situation.

What are the advantages of technical inspection?

The main advantage is, that you don’t need to understand and take care of everything. Our specialists will measure your chosen property, investigate even the smallest detail and discover latent defects, that could otherwise remain hidden to you.

Do you have references for your buildings?

Yes we do, and we are glad to show you what we have already built or reconstructed for our clients.

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