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Mrs. Verecká

Purchase of a cooperative apartment, 135m2, Prague 5

The contract process:

We ensured the complete process of purchasing an apartment in a location limited to Prague 5 only. We analyzed Mrs. Verecká’s preferences in detail, and offered her 25 properties that exactly matched her vision.

We have carefully inspected the apartment from a technical and legal point of view:

  • Real scale measurement and comparison to information provided by the seller
  • Drawing the current state with future possibilities of refurbishment
  • Legal verification of the cooperatives financial management

“We found out that the apartment wrongly measured, so there was room to negotiate a discount for Mrs. Verecká. Don’t forget to check the real size of the property. It may happen that it does not correspond to the declared one and very often the object is actually smaller “.

After discovering all the relevant facts, we recommended the client to buy the property.

A smooth course of construction works:

After settling the transfer of the cooperative share to the new owner, we provided Ms. Verecká with the necessary construction modifications, which were successfully completed on time.

Customers’ review:

“At first I was worried, that the offer of “only” 25 properties would not be enough for a major life decision. But the fear was unnecessary. The offer corresponded exactly to my preferences and a suitable apartment was found just a month after signing the contract. ”

Mrs. Verecká is a satisfied client and we wish her a pleasant stay in the new apartment!

Mr. and Mrs. Vlach

Purchase of a family house, 130m2, Prague-East

The contract process:

We have managed the entire process of purchasing real estate, from the very search for a suitable object, through securing of financing, to the reconstruction.

“Thanks to a detailed analysis of preferences, clients made a very quick choice,  just after 4 home tours and 14 days after receiving our first offer.”

For our clients, we found a very spacious house for a family of four with a  garden and a suitable location, where large investments won’t be necessary.

A quick negotiation with the bank:

After an important technical inspection of the building, we started intensive negotiations with the bank, where we were able to arrange everything very quickly to the satisfaction of our client.

We discovered a mistake on the part of the real estate agency:

The real estate agency made a gross mistake in the process, but we discovered it in time, and the property was handed over properly. Immediately after the handover of the keys, minor construction modifications took place, which were completed on time, and the clients were able to move in on the required date.

Contract review:

“With us, Mr. and Mrs. Vlach chose their dream house 14 days after receiving the first offer. In short, we have the real estate market perfectly mapped. ”

Mrs. Macková

Purchase of an apartment 1+KK, 40m2, Chýně

The contract process:

We ensured the purchase of an apartment at a very limited price level, including a complete financial and legal service for our client.

“Thanks to our overview of the financial market, we also provided the client with a loan that help her acquire a high-quality property at a reasonable price.”

  • We secured a loan.
  • We located a suitable property within driving distance to Řepy.
  • Thanks to our experience, we offered the client a variant on the suburbs of Prague, where real estate prices are lower.
  • We helped the client to orientate in the bureaucratic maze (securing legal custody, professional inspections with our escort, real estate insurance, tax returns from the acquisition of real estate, legal control of all documents, or transport to the inspection site), and also with communication with the real estate agency.

Thanks to us, the client found a comfortable living in a 40m2  1+kk apartment with a spacious bathroom, balcony, and a pleasant view of the adjacent fields and nature, even on a tight budget.

We managed to create pleasant conditions for her new life so that she could live with dignity, and be able to take care of her grandchildren.

Contract review:

“We are very happy about this cooperation. We helped Mrs. Macková, who was in a very difficult life situation, to find a property in Chýně, even under limited financial conditions. We know how to navigate the mortgage market and the maze of bureaucracy. Thanks to us, the client found comfortable living in an apartment with an area of  40m2. ”


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