We will help you choose the most appropriate funding option and actually get the mortgage. Moreover, we can help you get a pre-approved mortgage.

  • We will compare all offers available on the market including non-public ones.
  • This process will save you money and time.
  • We are able to provide a pre-approved mortgage for you.
  • Assistance with mortgage is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

What a pre-approved mortgage means

Pre-approved mortgage or also preliminary mortgage is a mortgage type which does not require to choose a certain property in advance. After mortgage approval you are allowed to choose a property and draw the funding in a 3-year period. This gives you enough time to find a perfect property and calmly think it all through.

Pre-approved mortgage can be used for funding of almost all property types including cooperative properties and plots.

Pre-approved mortgage can cover up to 90% of property value and you can draw it in a 1- to 3-year period with a loan term up to 30 years. Fees for not drawing a pre-approved mortgage can be up to 5% of remaining loan amount.

Pre-approved mortgage can be the perfect solution to secure lower interest rates which are about to rise in the nearest time.

Interest rates are not everything

When choosing the best funding option, interest rates are not the only thing one should take into consideration. We perfectly know from experience that overall quality and suitability of the mortgage is defined not only by the interest rates. Among other important factors are also fee amounts for drawing the funds, debt load, tax optimization in case of business entities etc.

Therefore, we choose the mortgage for you which is exactly adjusted to your situation. Some mortgage banks have better offers for businesses, others for individuals. We know which one to choose.

We can assure you that we will help you find the mortgage most suitable to your needs.

Representing the buyer

We are here to make the purchasing process of any type of real estate – apartment, family house, commercial property, plot or others – as flawless and comfortable as possible.

Take a look at how we can help you with the purchase.

Cooperative funding

This is a solution for anyone who is not able to get approved for a standard mortgage. Most frequent bank denial reasons are usually insufficient solvency or inability to verify income.

You can guess by the name that this type of funding is provided by a cooperative instead of a bank.

Cooperative funding specifics

  • This option allows to buy privately owned properties as well.
  • Your own financial funds should cover at least 20% of the property value.
  • After paying off the loan it is possible to transfer the property into personal ownership.

Cooperative funding is suitable for:

entrepreneurs with income difficult to verify,

foreigners without tax residence in the Czech Republic,

anyone who can’t get a standard mortgage loan.

The main issue is choosing a suitable cooperative and taking correct steps to get funding. We will help you with that. Contacts us via e-mail poptavka@bydlimesnadno.cz.

Mortgage calculator

Get a loan

We will help you get a pre-approved mortgage, or a personal loan based on mortgage calculator and will be glad to answer your questions. You are welcome to leave us your contact information and we will reach out to you asap. We will discuss your situation together and offer you the best solution possible.

We will compare offers of the following financial institutions:

ceska sporitelna
ceskoslovenska obchodni banka
equa bank
hypo pujcka
hypotecni banka
komercni banka
modra pyramida
moneta money bank
moneta stavebni sporitelna
raiffeisen stavebni sporitelna
sporitelni druzstvo ney
stavebni sporitelna ceske sporitelny
unicredit bank


In addition to securing a mortgage loan, we will be happy to help you with the entire process of purchasing real estate, so that everything goes easily and without complications.

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