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1. Why is it not better to go directly with a real estate agency?

The main advantage of using our services is objectivity since we are not tied to any real estate agency. Instead, we have an insight into most of the real estate agencies on the market.

2. How will it save my time?

It will save your time I the way that you can leave the whole process to us. From searching for the property to refurbishment. We will keep you informed and you will be able to comfortably choose what you like the best and have the whole situation under control.

3. Do you search for properties across the whole Czech Republic?

At this moment, we only provide our services only in the Prague area and in the area of Central Bohemia. We would soon like to expand further so that we could help you with purchasing properties elsewhere.

4. Can I have my own architect or my own refurbishment company?

Of course you can. Unfortunately, we will not be able keep an eye on the refurbishment and gather up-to-date information about the process.

5. Can I have my own mortgage specialist?

You can, but in such a case we cannot make guarantees about the funding process.

6. Which contract do I have to sign with you?

It is a standard contract of representation in predefined areas – it will be you who defines them.

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