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how it works

A step-by-step guide through your journey to a new property:

your wish

Just fill in the form with the details of your inquiry. We will contact you and arrange a face-to-face meeting and details about the process.

meet us

On the face-to-face meeting, we will discuss your inquiry in detail, sign a contract of temporal representation and we will arrange a meeting with a mortgage broker. Our specialists will discuss all matters concerning financing and will recommend the best options.


We will search for properties available on all market which best suit your demands, and we will send to your email at least 5 of those which meet at least 5 of 7 criterions. If you do not choose from the offers, we will be sending you other offers until we find the one which perfectly matches your expectations.


We will arrange a viewing of the property you choose with a real estate agent. You will be accompanied by an independent specialist who will assess the state of the property and who will carry out an in-depth analysis.

i have made a decision

At this point we will secure funding options for the selected property and we will arrange a mortgage and purchase service. We will keep an eye on everything so that you can be confident that the documents you sign cannot harm you.


In case you need to make full or complete changes of a new or existing property, we will make sure that the refurbishment process with all the supplementary services such as cleanup or an interior design draft will run smoothly. Our architects will discuss all the individual steps with you and along with the designers, they will create exactly what you want.

property handover

And we have reached the end. We will arrange the handover of the keys and you can easily move in. If you need help with moving in or cleanup, we will arrange that.